Why I Use Only Cruelty Free Products

I think it has been roughly two years since I strictly started using only cruelty free skincare ,makeup and clothing. Many of you don't really understand why I'm so particular about this.

I get a lot of " Oh! you're not killing the animals directly anyway" " We can't do anything about it" " You not buying those products, is not going to make any impact" " The brand will not become cruelty free just because you're not buying "

Well, here's my logic.

I buy a product from a company, lets say XYZ which isn't cruelty free. XYZ conducts heartless tests on innocent animals who are kept in cages they're entire life, have shampoos dropped into their eyes, have harmful toxic chemicals rubbed on their bare skin, ingested harmful chemicals, etc. All these are very very painful and most importantly UNJUST.

Animals feel pain, just like you and me. They have a life ,just like you and me. They want to be loved, just like you and me.

No animal wants to live in a cage their entire life, having no clue of what sunlight is, and having extremely painful experiments conducted on them just so that humans can luxuriously wear makeup and other products.

This makes no sense.

There are so many alternatives for animal testing like - in vitro testing, in silico modeling and human-patient simulators. No living beings are harmed while conducting these tests.

Even after having so many alternatives in front of them, some ignorant companies continue to test on innocent animals.

Do you want to know why?

The answer is greed and utter ignorance.

Animal testing is compulsory in China. Companies like XYZ won't be able to sell their products in China if they don't test on animals. So in order to increase their profits by selling in China, they perform animal testing.

Anyways, back to the point.

So when I buy a product from XYZ company, I am indirectly sponsoring the animal testing. If you have studied business, you know that the cost price of a product includes the cost of transportation, advertisement, raw materials, blah blah blah.... AND the cost for testing on animals.

When you purchase these products, you am supporting and sponsoring animal testing.

By refraining from buying these products, you are showing that you do not support such cruel companies and their cruel acts.

This not only applies to makeup , but also you skincare products, leather belts, leather jacket, fur coat...etc.

After you choose to live a cruelty free life, one very common question will arise. That is, what to do with your old products which are not cruelty free.

My answer to this is, the damage is already made and you cannot reverse it. So, use it till its worn out or empty. There's no point throwing them away as it cannot reverse the damage it has already done.

I'll stop with my ranting now.

Hope this post was of some help.

At least from now on, please try your best to not buy from brands who support animal testing.

And... remember. Your every step, your every decision has an impact.

It's left to you whether you want it have a positive or a negative impact.

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Have an amazing day!


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