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Sooo, I started a YouTube Channel! Its been quite sometime now and yes, I'm announcing here late. But hey!

better late than never.

Starting my own YouTube channel was not easy for me. It was quite challenging. The main reason why I started was to push myself out of my comfort zone. I was getting a little too cozy inside my comfort zone and it was such a bad indicator. I was starting to grow more and more anti social and trying out new things was getting even more difficult for me.

Starting this blog was my first step in my journey of getting out of my comfort zone.This journey hasn't been easy for me. For a girl who's always been safe inside her tiny little shell, this journey is indeed very scary. Well, I must agree that this journey is not just scary but also very beautiful. I get to learn so many new things about myself every single day.

I am discovering so many weaknesses in me, which is actually good! I'm happy that I'm getting to explore my weaknesses in this young, tender age and an opportunity to work on it before it's too late.

There were so many areas I thought I was bad at but later, I learnt that I'm actually good at them!

The most difficult part of this journey is the FIRST step. Trust me, after you've taken the first few steps, the succeeding steps come very naturally. The minute you're done with your first few steps, you will slowly start enjoying the journey.

There are going to be many sticks and stones in your way, if you're smart and careful, you'll use it for your advantage or stay away from it. If you're ignorant and not attentive, you'll trip over it and fall on your face. Ouch!

Theres always going to be someone who's going to pick at you or make fun of you no matter what. But do you know who's the actual loser? Them! because they are investing an immense amount of time in observing and criticising you instead of investing it on something valuable.

Let them continue criticising and you continue grinding, and a few years down the line, the joke will be on them.

Coming to my Youtube, It's basically an extension of this blog. I'll be doing makeup, fashion and lifestyle videos, cruelty free of course.

I apologise as the quality of my first 2 videos isn't great. I'm working on it and will soon deliver better quality contents.

I'm open for any suggestions and constructive criticism. I'm close for any unwanted opinions and narrow minded talks.

Please don't forget to subscribe to my youtube and blog.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Have a beautiful day.


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