Morning Routine For A Productive Day

It is said that, the first hour spent in a day determines how your entire day goes.

It is important to wake up with a smile and lots of gratitude for having another beautiful day.

You need to remind yourself that if you woke up today, it means your work here in this world is not done yet. You have a purpose. Everybody has a purpose in life.

The first thing I would like to see in the morning is either my palms or my face in the mirror. If you prefer looking at your loved one's face, then it's up to your beliefs. What I believe is, your body works for you every single minute of every single day. You might hate the way your body looks, but your body will do everything it can just to keep you running.

The only thing that stays with you till the end, is your body. Nobody else.

Then it is important to start taking mental notes, or physical notes if thats what you prefer, about all the things you want to get done that day. This gives a purpose and a sense of direction.

You always aim and THEN shoot the arrow. Similarly, you set aims and THEN you start off with your day.

Next, we need to raise our vibrations. Chant positive affirmations. Gaze at your vision board if you have one. think of your dream car, house, career, whatever it is for you. This reminds you why you're working so hard. This reminds you why you need to work even harder.

Have a cup of coffee, tea or anything that you enjoy to set you in a good mood.

Then go off in your day and GRIND. Go after you goals like a beast.

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