How to Protect Yourself From The Cyclone

As we all know, the cyclone Fani is nearing Odisha at a very fast pace. 19 districts of Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh are likely to be affected by the cyclone.

Now, we cannot prevent the cyclone, but we can indeed take up preventative steps towards damage.

Here are 20 important tips to keep in mind.

1. Always have a First Aid kit handy.

2. Make sure there is enough food at home.

3. Avoid using electrical devices like TV, computer, grinder, charging your phone, etc. as much as possible.

4. Stay updated by listening to the news.

5. Avoid leaving your house.

6. Do not forget to turn off your gas.

7. Make sure your vehicle is in working condition and has fuel in it. This step is very important because you never know when you might have to evacuate.

8. Make sure your pets stay indoors.

9. Prepare an evacuation kit with some warm clothes, important papers and documents, water, snacks, money, torch, first aid kit and mini umbrellas.

10. Please do not leave your pets behind during evacuation.

11. Be aware of the strongest part of the house and make sure your household members are aware of it too.

12. Check in with your neighbours often to make sure they are safe too.

13. Do not leave any loose furniture or items outside your house.

14. If the building starts breaking, protect yourself under a table or a mattress.

14. Do not go outside immediately after the wind drops. Wait for the official announcement.

15. Fit shutters to your windows and make sure they are shut tight.

16. Fill empty buckets and bottles with water, incase water supply gets cut.

17. If the cyclone hits while you are driving your car, park in a clear area, away from trees, power supplies or from places where water can get logged easily.

18. Purchase rubber storage containers and store all your valuables in it.

19. Withdraw cash from bank and keep it handy.

20. Have some candles and matches at home, incase power gets cut.

Helpline numbers

1. Odisha. click here

2. Andhra Pradesh. click here

3. West Bengal. click here

Please pray for Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

Take care.


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