Dove Body Lotion For Super Soft Skin

I'm very picky and particular about body lotions. I need extra nourishment but don't like sticky greasy ones. I need sweet smelling ones but not strong, heavy ones. I love body lotions that are not just light weight on my skin, but also on my pockets/ bank balance. A safe body lotion, but also a cruelty free one.

Dove has granted all these wishes of mine.

Dove Restoring Ritual Body Lotion with coconut oil and almond milk.


If you know me personally, you know I"m absolutely in love with coconut oil. my roots are from Mangalore/ Udupi which means I basically live on coconut oil. It's my life support.

I really like how this body lotion makes me smell. It makes me feel like I'm on the beach, sipping on coconut water, sunblock on, the wooosh of the waves, the salty breeze and sand on my knees. They just couldn't have made a better lotion.

Okay, it smells amazing, but does it really do the job?


It is super nourishing, leaving my skin soft and smooth. It is also very light weight and does not leave me looking like a grease ball. It gets absorbed into my skin as soon as I massage it in.

You get all of this for just Rs. 430 [ 400 ml ] Oooh, what a STEAL!

What the product claims:

Treat your skin with Dove Restoring Ritual body lotion, inspired by beauty rituals of real women. This super rich formula infused with coconut oil and Almond milk deeply moisturises and softens your skin while its indulgent creamy fragrance comforts your senses. Experience, skin feeling restored and extra soft.

True. I totally agree. It deeply moisturises the skin leaving it extra soft and smooth. The fragrance is beautiful, it does comfort your senses.

You can buy the product on Nykaa here

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