Products I'm NEVER Purchasing Again

I know it's been quite some time since I last posted a blog post. I had been caught up with college works.

Today I'm back like I never left.

There are so many products I regret buying and today I'm going to share them with you guys!

1. Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream

You guys saw this coming, right?

2019 is coming to an end and Lakme still hasn't decided to favour us, coloured girls and boys. Plus, it still continues to remain silent on the fact that it conducts tests on animals.

I have this in the shade 'Bronze' and I can confirm that this is no where close to bronze. I'd say it is Light or Fair with a pinkish/ reddish undertone. A shade that claims to be 'Bronze' should have a warm undertone, not pink/red. I'm somewhere medium tan and olive, this shade is definitely way too light for me.

2. Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color

I know this retails for a very low price but, it does not go smooth on the lips, instead it drags the lips [I know, cringe .It also vanishes very soon. You'll have to keep reapplying it every now and then. A big Fat no to this brand.

3. Vega Brushes

Probably the worst brushes you would spend your money on. I highly DO NOT recommend these brushes. Theres so much of fallout. After I'm done with my makeup, the bristles or the hair is stuck on my face! YES, absolutely disgusting.Worse, it is a mixture of ANIMAL and synthetic hair.

The only thing I really like about these brushes is its gold detailing.

4. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Light Stay Day Cream

It is a great face cream if you have oily skin. It is very light weight and matte. I have combination skin and I didn't feel it hydrated my skin well. I also did not like it's texture and consistency. I prefer creamy or gel face cream. This is not easy to melt and blend in to your skin. Maybe if they change their formula, I might repurchase it.

5. Lakme 9 To 5 Eye Quartet Eyeshadow

Of course, another Lakme product. I think its safe to say it's a Charlotte Tilbury rip off when it comes to the packaging. I personally loved the shades but the problem is their are very patchy and not very pigmented. The gold shade is the patchiest. It barely shows up. You can use this palette if you're going for a simple, minimal look. Stay away from it if you're going for an extra, dramatic look as it'll spoil the look for sure.

6. Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush

I have it in the shade Medium Mauve and trust me, it's such a waste. The pigmentation is ZERO. Nothing shows up on my cheeks. The glitter shows up only in certain lighting. It might show up on a caucasian's cheeks but it's definitely now meant for Indian skin tones. And also, Maybelline isn't cruelty free, so that's another reason why I'm never repurchasing this again.

7. Wet n Wild MegaGlow Contouring Palette

The problem I have with this palette is, as you guys can see, it breaks easily and creates a huge mess. Trust me, I haven't dropped this palette even once. It just cracked after continuous use. I actually love this palette but I'm looking for an alternative only because of its packaging. sigh.

8. Miss Claire Butter Lip Balm

This is a dupe for NYX butter lip balm. I expected more from this. It is a tinted lip balm and I have it in the shade 'Brownie' and it was supposed to be a brownish nude but it comes off as Barbie pink and I absolutely hate it. I didn't find it very hydrating or that great. Probably the only thing I appreciate about this lip balm is the way it smells. It smells really good and appetising.

Hope you guys liked this post.

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Have an amazing day!


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