Answering Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked tonnes of questions regarding my blog very often. So I decided to write an article answering a few of the most frequently asked questions/ questions people are wanting to ask/ questions that I might get asked in the future.

Why did you start your blog?

This is going to be a long answer.

I started my blog mainly because of two reasons.

The first reason is that I was having extreme self-esteem issues. People would put me down way too much and pick at me because I wasn't a kid who was an all-rounder. I used to look around and find all of my friends being really good at something or the other, while I still hadn't figured out my strengths. It made me really sad. So I started experimenting and trying out different things in order to figure out what I'm really good at. I was failing big time at pretty much everything I was trying out. That made me even sadder. At last, I gave blogging a try, and I fell in love.

After like half a year into blogging, I received my first payment. So, the biggest lesson I've learned from this is, You'll never know that you're good at something until you try it out.

The second reason is that I wanted my passion to be my career. Being around a typical Indian environment, everyone wanted me to become either a doctor, engineer or a bank accountant. But, none of these sparked any sort of enthusiasm in me. People were scaring me with a false fact that I could make a decent amount of money, only if I took up any of the aforementioned professions. So, I was very determined to prove everyone wrong, and here I am, successful in my mission!

How much do you earn? It varies every single month. I am a freelance blogger, so I don't have a fixed salary.

How do you earn? I earn mainly through affiliate marketing for now. I'm really looking forward to sponsored posts in the future!

How do people in your college react to your blog? I am very grateful for the fact that people in my college are very supportive and sweet. I have not received any hate as of yet ( or at least not noticed any). Thank you so much for that!

How did your parents react to your blog? I consider myself very lucky to have such supportive parents who are ready to do anything for my blog.

Are you planning to drop out? No, I'm planning to do MBA.

What is your dream? My dream is to start my own cruelty-free makeup line.

How do you manage your time between studies and blogging? I spend the majority of my time blogging and my parents are not really happy about that. I feel i'm able to manage it. so yeah!

I hope this answered many of your questions.

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