Top best photo editing apps

Honestly, i don't have the time to edit my pics on my computer using photoshop every single time i shoot. Majority of my Instagram photos are edited using mobile photo editing apps. These apps are free and very easy to use. They saves a lot of time and helps in achieving a professional looking photo easily.


This is my go to editing app. It has an amazing range filters and you can also adjust your brightness, exposure, contrast and such. These filters help me achieve a uniform and aesthetic feed. I have heard so many people use this app to achieve an amazing Instagram feed. I almost never post a photo without editing it on VSCO. You can check out my Instagram here.


I use Snapseed to brighten my pics, adjust the curves, add grain filters, frames, etc.


PicsArt is a great app to give your photos an artistic effect like overlays, drawings, collages, erase the background, and many more cool effects.


I only use Unfold to give my photos cool borders.

Lightroom CC

This is my favourite app for adjusting the lighting of my photos if taken in a bad lighting. It helps in adjust the highlights, shadows, backs. whites, clarity, sharpness and such.

Spark Post

I usually use Spark post to create collages and posters. They have a wide range of amazing templates that I really love.

Photoshop Express

I don't really use this app much. I really like its feature of adding text to photos. You can also use it to remove blemishes, add filters, create collages, etc.


The perfect app to touch up your skin, make it smooth and flawless. You can remove blemishes, dark circles and correct your complexion.

You can see the difference between the right side [unedited] and the left side [edited] side of the face.


I use this app, again to touch up my skin, make my skin smooth, flawless and blemish-free. I also use this app to pop my highlight which is my most favourite feature of this app.

You can see the difference between the right side [unedited] and the left side [edited] side of the face.


This app is really trending these days. I've seen so many Instagrammers use this. It gives your photo a 90s, disposable camera's effect.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

I use this app for its liquify ,defocus my pictures [if needed]. You can also use it to smoothen your skin, adjust the saturation, temperature and stuff too.


This is actually not an editing app. I thought of including this as it is really helps you plan out your Instagram feed and helps you give an idea as to how your feed is going to look. You can rearrange the photos and schedule timings to post your photos. It is really helpful to pre-plan your Instagram's feed if your very serious about how your feed looks.

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