My favourite YouTubers of all time !!!

YouTube is my gateway drug. I personally prefer YouTube over all the other social media platforms as it very interactive and entertaining. It's comment section is definitely the best place to catch up on hot gossips😝. Trust me, I have completely ditched television behind since I started obsessing over YouTube. I mainly watch lifestyle vlogs, makeup videos, room makeover videos, skincare/haircare videos, comedy videos, music and other random tutorials.

But i have been binge watching these YouTubers a lot lately. When i say i'm obsessed , i really mean OBSESSED.

Kelsey Simone

Honestly, she's been my favourite YouTuber for like ages. she is THE AESTHETIC QUEEN . I am absolutely in love with her style and aesthetic. She used to have a minimalistic, black and white aesthetic with a slight inclination to a grungy style. She used to wear only shades of black or white, very classy and minimalistic. But over the years , her style has changed drastically. Currently, it is more of summery vibes, lots of gold and brown tones with white background, still classy and minimalistic. Her makeup videos and vlogs are my most favourite. Its so aesthetically pleasing... i can't even.

Holistic Habits

Her name is Sarah Nagel and she is by far the sweetest and the most down to earth YouTuber I have ever come across. She is a vegan, which is just an added reason to love her all the more . She has the worlds most beautiful hair, i'm not even kidding. Her hair is just so long and thick and healthy that it never fails to drop my jaws. She uses only vegan and natural products on her hair as well as her skin. She even colours her hair naturally at home, how cool is that! All her makeup are mineral based and completely safe to use with no side effects. Her videos have a very calming effect on me and I aspire to live a healthy lifestyle just like her.

Liza Koshy

Liza is short for Elizabeth and trust me, you will NOT find a funnier Youtuber than her. I absolutely LOVE her. She is a perfect remedy for depression and boredom. Whenever i'm feeling low, I just go to her channel and binge watch all of her videos and in a split of a second, I'm the happiest person in the world. I know, i sound too over exaggerated but trust me, she's one of the very few comedians who can actually make you laugh. She's half brown which makes me feel really proud and happy. One of my dreams is to meet her in person one day :')


Yet another brown, comedic Youtuber who we all love binge watching, Lilly Singh. She has to be the most relatable Youtuber of all times. I can sit and binge watch her videos all day, everyday. Her rants are my MOST favourite type of videos. They are so relatable, it blows my mind. But over the years, her video style has changed a lot and its more professional and formal. I really miss the old Lilly who used to rant about everything under the sun in her bedroom. 😞


Honestly, how can anyone NOT like this cutiepie? It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to watch his videos with a straight face. Felix can talk about any lame matter and still sound funny. His videos are very humorous and addictive. He is the Youtuber with the most number of subscribers, which is not a surprise because his content is so good and impressible.

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