Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Review

Its winter time, which means I have to take extra care of my skin. I have combination skin and certain areas tend to dry out really fast. Ain't nobody want dry, crusty skin. I'm all about the smooth, glowy, dewy skin and i cannot stand dry skin.

Now, I'm not going to achieve a dewy skin by doing nothing. In order to achieve it, I have to use the right products, drink enough water, eat a proper diet and follow a proper skin care routine.

When it comes to what products to use... I just came across Biotique Bio Winter Cherry. I'm not going to lie, but the cute packaging and the baby pink colour of the product made me go all - awwww so cute. So the packaging was one among the reasons why I decided to buy it.

But other than that, Biotique is one of my favourite brands and one of the very few brands that I completely trust. You can read the reason why I love Biotique so much here .


1. Surajmukhi tail (Helianthus annuus oil)

2. Kusumbhi tail (Carthamus tinctorious oil)

3. Sarsoan tail (Brassica nigra oil)

4. Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil)

5. Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)

6. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

7. Lotion base Q.S

Surajmukhi tail

  • also known as sunflower seed oil is a very good source of Vitamin E which helps the skin to retain moisture.

  • reduces acne

  • reduces inflammation

  • reduces redness

  • reduces irritation of skin

  • protects skin from UV rays and the sun.

  • rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

  • rich in anti- oxidants

  • rich in beta carotene

  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Kusumbhi oil

  • also known as safflower oil

  • ideal for dry skin

  • rich in omega-6

  • helps in healing eczema and psoriasis

  • hydrates skin

  • keeps it glowing and youthful

Sarsoan oil

  • also known as mustard oil

  • rich in Vitamin E

  • heals cuts and wounds

  • it is anti-microbial in nature

  • rich in Vitamin A

Badam oil

  • also called almond oil

  • rich in Vitamin E

  • excellent anti-oxidant

  • Rich in Vitamin A

  • has potassium, zinc and proteins

  • it protects the skin from sun damage

  • it protects the skin from UV rays

  • helps to reduce acne

  • removes dirt from the skin

  • moisturizes the skin

  • keeps the skin healthy and glowing


  • It is a very effective ayurvedic element to cure many skin diseases

  • relieves itching skin

  • brightens the skin

  • it is a very good anti-oxidant

  • helps in treating herpes

  • it reduces redness

  • it moisturizes the skin

  • it helps to produce collagen which keeps the skin firm and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles

  • it improves the health of the skin


  • 1. also known as winter cherry

  • 2. it helps to slow down ageing

  • 3. it is a good anti-inflammatory

  • 4. it helps in the production of collagen

  • 5. it keeps the skin hydrated

  • 6. it promotes youthful, healthy skin

What the product claims

This nourishing lotion is a blend of pure winter cherry, sunflower, safflower, musk root and almond oil, to supply moisture and nutrients crucial to body health and vitality. Soothes, softens and revitalizes even weather-roughened body skin, as it promotes elasticity, suppleness and moisture balance.

My opinion on the product

1. It is very light and gentle on the skin

2. it is not very oily

3. the fragrance is a bit too strong but after application it fades away

4. it can be used on both a face moisturizer as well as a body lotion

5. it gives moisturizes the skin very well and keeps gives a glowy finish

6. it easily gets absorbed into the skin

7. it really helped me wit my dry skin

8. I would rate it a 8.5/10

What I really like about this product is that it is cruelty free and vegetarian. No animals were harmed unnecessarily while making this product. It also does NOT contain any preservatives and any other harmful chemicals. It is made up of all natural ingredients which are known for their amazing skin benefits. Reading the ingredients makes me feel so safe using the product as i don't have to worry about breakouts, allergies or any other harmful chemical reactions or diseases. The ingredients make so happy and secure.

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