Beauty Gurus dragging Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie cosmetics is surely one of the most popular beauty brand in the industry, but not everyone is quite impressed by it. This famous beauty brand owned by reality star Kylie Jenner has received a lot of backlash for the quality of the products and the overpricing of the products

Here are a few famous beauty guru's giving their brutally honest opinion on Kylie cosmetics.

1. Tati

In this video, Tati reviews Kylie's brush collection worth $360 and Kylie lipsticks.

She starts off by expressing her disappointment in the packaging of the Kylie's brush collection and calls it the " ugliest brush roll she has ever seen in her life".

Starting with with brush #1 which is a Large Powder Brush, she says its not worth the price. She finds it a little bit scratchy and had a little bit of a hard time blending her makeup with it.

She believes the brushes are made of goat hair and she finds it odd that on their website they don't really specify what they're made of.

She also expresses her dislike toward the brush #4 which is a Dense Powder Brush. She feels, instead of putting another face brush in midst of all the other face brushes, they could have put a liner brush, a brow brush , a lip brush.

She finds the brush #8 which is the Small Fluff Brush ($22) too overpriced. She tells Colourpop has a similar brush only for $7

" Don't pay $20 for this brush. Don't do it, Don't do it " says Tati about brush #9 which is a fan brush. She says you can get one from Morphe for a cheaper price. She says the shape of the brush is too thin, it's too fragile and does not do it's job well.

Moving on to the lipsticks, the only one she didn't like was the Angel Cake. She found it streaky, slimy and patchy. She calls it the "wannabe Mac Myth"

2. Jeffree Star

This is the video that got Jeffree Star removed from Kylie Cosmetics PR list.

He finds the packaging very cheap and very basic looking and is definitely not wowed by the packaging.

He finds it very disappointing that the brushes are stuck on to the packaging, and because of that , there is a a bit of stickiness in the place where the glue was.

He is very unhappy with the concealer brush as it didn't do a good job in blending in his concealer and left it looking patchy and dry.He finds his Artis brush works way better for him. He states that the brush is not meant for concealer at all.

He tells that the Large Powder Brush is nice and fluffy, it applied the powder great but he has a brush which is a tenth of the cost and literally does the exact same thing.

He is also upset that in the entire brush set, there is no lip brush.

He concludes the video by saying that the Brushes are not Jeffree Star approved.

3. James Charles

He starts off with Brush #2 to apply his foundation and is not very impressed by its coverage.

He finds that Kylie's brushes and the Morphe's brushes are pretty similar, in fact the Morphe's brushes are much cheaper and do pretty much the same job as Kylie's.

He finds brush #15 which is the Tapered Blending Brush not very effective. He finds it very round, not tapering.

He finds brush #5 which is Angled Face Brush not very satisfying. He says the bristles are very dense and makes it harder for diffused application.

Then he moves on to brush #6 which is Rounded Blush Brush. He is unhappy with the results

He goes on to say " It is super super dense, this is literally not an eyeshadow brush, I don't know what she thinks she's doing calling this a large shader brush" about brush #10 which is a Large Shader Brush.

4. Laura Lee

Laura Lee disses that bag saying its looks very cheep and feels rough and looks like it came out from the Dollar Tree.

She doesn't find the stippling brush worth its price, which is $30. She finds nothing special in the brush #3

Summing up, she felt that it isn't worth its price and there are a lot of dupes for a cheeper price

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