School Outfit Ideas with a Dress Code

To look fashionable and trendy but follow a dress code.... the struggle is real. Now we can't do anything much about the dress code, but we can definitely play around with our outfits (without getting scandalistic) and look 'bad and boujee'.

Dress code friendly clothings :

1. Ripped jeans

we all know (unless you have been living under a rock) that ripped jeans is sooo in trend right now. It makes you look edgy and is super casual.

2. Oversized T-shirts

oversized T-shirts are super comfi and trendy at the same time. You can wear it with leggings, knot it up, tuck it in... just play around with it and find which way suits best for your body type.

3. Mom jeans

Mom jeans has made a huge comeback in the fashion industry and every basic girl is trying to get her hands on one of them. It suits every body type and is again super comfi, especially during the summer as it doesn't stick to the body.

4 Sweatpants

Yes, you read it right, sweatpants. It's no more a 'fashion crime' to wear sweatpants to school. A cute and chic pair of sweatpants can make you look super trendy and laid back. And again, its very comfortable and doesn't stick to your legs.

5. Graphic T-shirt

Graphic T-shirts are so simple and casual. They come handy especially when you are trying not to look overdressed.

6. Camo pants

Camo pants gives out a lot of bad-ass vibes. I personally love camo.

7. Oversized hoodies

We all have to agree that oversized hoodies are by far the most comfortable thing to wear. Its cute as well as keeps as warm.

8. Leggings

Leggings are so cute and gives your legs a long, slender look. They are stretchable and comfi and can go with so many looks.

9. Baggy bottoms

Baggy bottoms are so cool and laid back. When styled right, looks BOMB.

10. Scarfs

Scarfs are the easiest ways to give your outfit an instant glow up. It's also a great way to introduce some color and life to your outfit.

11. Stockings

You can wear fishnet stockings under your ripped jeans, skirt, shorts. It makes your outfit so chic and polished.

12. High waisted jeans

High waisted jeans is the best way to hide that pooch (especially during that time of the month... the struggle is real) and gives an illusion of a tiny waist.

13. Dungarees

Dungarees has made a solid comeback. You can wear it on days where you want to look extra cute and trendy.

14. White shirt

A white shirt is the best option when you are going for a sophisticated, elegant look. It is so classy and makes you look put together.

15. Flannel

Flannels are the best thing to wear during fall. Its super trendy and keeps you warm. It can be worn as a cardigan, it can be tied around the waist, worn as a button down shirt.... there are so many different and fun ways to style a flannel.

16.Maxi dress

Colourful, bright maxi dresses look so cute and chic during the summer. It's very comfortable and flowy. Its gives out a lot of summerry vibes.

17. Maxi skirt

Even maxi skirts have shook the fashion world with its solid comeback . They are summer and spring essentials. They are super comfortable and flowy.

Some cool outfit ideas :-

1. black jacket, white graphic T shirt and a maxi skirt

2. Black fitted top and baggy pants

3. A loose, long sleeved white T shirt and sweatpants

4. A nude V-neck tank top, blue high waisted jeans, cardigan and a body chain

5. grey sweater, high waisted jeans and black stiletto

6. A loose black top, fitted jeans and white sneakers

7. White T shirt, pink cardigan and fitted jeans

8. A grey oversized sweater and a black dungaree

9. A white oversized sweater, plaid skirt and stockings

10. An oversized black top and cargo

11. A black top and a maxi skirt

12. An oversized grey sweater and mom jeans

13. A white T shirt and dungarees

14. An oversized grey sweater, a black skirt and stockings

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