Why I Stopped Buying Lakme's Products

Lakme is a well known drugstore Indian makeup brand . It is very popular in India as it is easily available and is very affordable. As a kid, I used to use a lot of Lakme's makeup products. Now that I'm 18, I absolutely refrain from buying any of Lakme's products

The first thing that I hate about Lakme is that they cater only to the fair skinned girls/ boys. Being an Indian brand and selling in India, it is very very wrong to ignore the color range. India is a country where you find people of beautiful porcelain skin tone to rich, beautiful dark chocolate skin. In that case, how could you start a makeup brand catering only to a small portion of the Indians who have a very light skin tone?

Isn't this spreading a wrong message to the society? Doesn't this scream "makeup is only meant for light skinned people"?

As a kid, I thought there was something wrong with my skin tone and that I was too dark for makeup [note that my skin is somewhere between medium to olive ] as all of Lakme's products where too light for my skin tone .

These were the products that I used to use.

1. Lakme 9TO5 CC complexion care cream

I have the shade bronze, and it is very very very light for my skin tone and it has a very chalky finish. It no way left my skin looking bronzed.

It seems like its meant for medium skin tone, but in reality, its for fair skin.

2. Lakme nine to five flawless creme compact

I have this in the shade Shell which is the darkest shade available in this range. And again, it is way too light for my skin. I could even use it as a concealer [ I'm not over exaggerating ] and I actually did ended up using it as a concealer. I don't know how these products magically become a couple of shades lighter as soon as it touches our skin.

3. Lakme 9to5 flawless matte complexion compact

I have this in the shade melon, which is the second darkest shade. Yes, it was again too light for my skin. The fact that it was matte made things all the more worse. Dry skin makes you look ashier than usual

4. Lakme radiance complexion compact

I have this in the shade natural shell which is the darkest shade of the range and it claims that it is meant for wheatish skin. LOL this is no way meant for wheatish skin tone. Lakme are you kidding me? It is so chalky and white!!! It may look wheatish in the package, but once it's on your skin... the case is different. I mean what kind of a sorcery is Lakme doing?

In case you were wondering...yes, I have used all these products before, which makes me completely qualified to write this blog post.

Moreover, Lakme isn't cruelty free. So Lakme is not only ignorant towards dark skinned women/ men [yes some men do wear makeup in case you're living under a rock] but also towards animals.

Lakme was established in 1952. It is 20 freaking 19 now and still STILLL their skin products barely have 4 shade range [ and all the shades being really light ]. Lakme needs to step up its game .The only good thing about Lakme is that their products retail at a very low price but I don't see the point if only a small part of the population can use the products.

My main intention was to bring an important fact to light. That is, a makeup brand can cause a lot of damage to the beauty standards of a country. Especially in a country like India, where there is a widespread misconception that light skin equals beauty. Young girls are bleaching their skin as they are made to believe that they wont get a groom if they aren't light skinned. I'm not kidding, this is the reality.

Dark skinned girls already think they are ugly because of their skin colour, [ when in reality, it is totally false.They are just blinded by the beauty standards. Colour can no way define one's beauty] and when they try makeup, of course they don't find their shade [ many Indians use Lakme as it is easily available and affordable , so there is a solid chance of them using a way lighter shade ] and end up looking ashy and chalky which isn't really cute. This in turn make them feel they are all the more ugly. [when the problem is not their skin colour, but the makeup they're using].

This is one among the many ways how a makeup brand can effect the beauty standards in the society.

By no means does this article mean to bash or put down Lakme. These are just my opinions, [ more like true facts]. I haven't fabricated any of my points, in fact I have supported them with screenshots.

I really hope Lakme soon turns cruelty free and expand its colour range

Hope you enjoyed this article

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